Mausoleum Options

There is no finer means of memorializing your family forever at a cost comparable to ground burial. Larger spaces called crypts hold full caskets, while smaller spaces called niches accommodate cremated remains. At Elmlawn, you can even select a combination crypt for one full casket and one urn containing cremated remains. Private family mausoleums are also available.

Why Mausoleum?
People choose above-ground burial for many reasons:

  • There is little left for the family to do or pay at time of need.
  • It is more comfortable to visit indoors in all types of weather.
  • It is a high honor to the deceased.
  • It is dry, clean and ventilated.
  • It is comparable in cost to ground burial.
  • It conserves land.
  • It is more appealing then the idea of lowering themselves or loved ones into the ground.

With our mausoleums there are several options to fit your plans.

With a mausoleum crypt, there is no need to purchase costly vaults and monuments because memorialization and casket protection are already provided. Each crypt is clean, dry and ventilated.

Garden Court
Each section or wing features colonnaded courtyards and gazebo areas conducive to the peace and tranquility of Elmlawn’s beauty.

Interior Court
The inner court of each building is roofed by skylights and designed to offer a place for visitors to rest or meditate in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Instead of several buying trips for graves, burial vaults and monuments, you can make one purchase of a complete memorial. By making arrangements now, you can lock in the cost at today’s price and take up to Five (5) Years To Pay, Interest Free.

With a mausoleum niche memorialization and protection are already provided. Each niche is clean, dry and ventilated. Mausoleum Niches are beautiful, yet affordable above ground burial spaces for the cremated body. Single, Double and Triple Niches are available. By making arrangements now, you will lock in the cost at today’s price and take up to Three (3) Years to pay, Interest Free.

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