The purpose of these Rules and Regulations is to protect the interests of all owners as a group and to preserve the beauty and safety of Elmlawn Memorial Park. They are approved by Elmlawn Memorial Park Board of Directors and by the New York State Cemetery Board. We sincerely request and appreciate your cooperation.

Grave Decoration

Click here for more information on our Grave Silk Flower Program.

May 15 th to October 15th – One of the following decorations may be placed:

  • Inverted Flower Vases set flush to the ground and placed to the immediate left or right of the memorial. Inverted flower vase should be inverted before November 1st to prevent freezing and cracking. Elmlawn cannot be responsible for vases damaged by freezing.
  • Potted Plant not to exceed 10 inches in diameter.
  • Shepherd’s Hook must be made of sturdy metal and must not exceed 4 feet in height.
  • Cross must be made of sturdy material and not exceed 18 inches in height. Plastic crosses are not allowed.
  • In addition, American Flags may be placed in remembrance of Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and Veteran’s Day. When the holiday is over, the cemetery will remove the flags.

Note: Above decorations (excluding invertible vases) remaining on graves will be removed after October 15th.

April 1st to October 15th – Spring Flowers may be placed.

Note: Spring Flowers remaining on graves will be removed after October 15th.

November 1st to March 15th – Winter Wreath on a tripod may be placed.

Note: Winter Wreaths remaining on graves will be removed after March 15th.

The following grave decorations are NOT allowed and will be removed from the grave:

  • NO glass containers of any description
  • NO urns made of concrete, granite, plastic or iron
  • NO in-ground plantings
  • NO small stones or chips around memorials
  • NO enclosures around graves
  • NO vigil lights, balloons or windmills
  • NO wreaths on tripods during grass cutting season
  • NO temporary markers
  • NO plastic/wire signs (i.e. MOM, DAD, Flags, Crosses, etc.)

Speed limit within the cemetery is 20 miles per hour.

No vehicle deemed improper, such as any unlicensed vehicle or any off-road vehicle. No signs of any nature will be permitted unless they are placed by authorized cemetery personnel.

No firearms or bow and arrows permitted on cemetery property.

Mausoleum Decoration

Click here for more information on our Mausoleum Flower Program.

  • Fresh or artificial flower arrangements in vases may be placed at any time of year. Wilted fresh flower arrangements will be removed when deemed necessary by the cemetery. Vases are provided by the cemetery and may be obtained in each mausoleum building. These vases should be placed in front of each row of crypts and/or niches.

Remembrances other than as stated above will be removed at once without notice.

Please note: Glass containers, potted plants, statuary, decorations or flowers on wire stands are not allowed at any time.

Elmlawn assumes no responsibility for missing flower tributes or those not picked up by March 15th.

  • Mausoleum Flower Program available – Elmlawn will supply and install artificial Floral Bouquets in a bronze vase placed on the individual crypt or niche front four (4) times a year. Click here for more information or contact us.